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   Paul Nieto designs are familiar in shape so that the player feels comfortable from the start. They are designed with the Professional musician in mind that requires different tones but without compromise to quality or design flaws found on all the classics. 

  1.     With over 30 years of experience Repairing/Building and being Factory authorized with all the major manufacturers Paul has designed instruments that are flawless and with playability that will surprise you. All the Best features of the classics are built in but all the flaws are completely gone.

  2. BulletAll the body woods are one piece and resonate like nothing you have ever heard (Old school approach) plus the grain patterns are always selected and inspected thoroughly. Each instrument is balanced and never neck heavy, so you do not have to hold it but wear it so you can play at your best.

  3. BulletBody Cuts at the neck are deep for easy playability at the last fret, and back contour is angled as well.

  4. BulletNeck radius and feel are completely comfortable and easy to play plus since it is built from scratch it will be exactly what you require.

  5. BulletHeadstock design requires no trees and string angles do not bind up in anyway so tuning is stable and consistent.

  6. BulletElectronics are normally DiMarzio or Lindy Fralin but any specific pickup or wiring can be had. Noise shielding is standard on all models and pickups are solid mounted for tone unless not required.

  7. BulletFinish is normally in Thin new age urethane so you get the sound of lacquer but the protection and consistency of urethane (No shrinkage or softness to worry about in the future). Nitro can be had if required.

  8. BulletCustom body shapes and pickguards can be ordered.

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  1. BulletGuitartech is now a dealer for Stonebridge Guitars, Conde Flamenco guitars and Electro Harmonix and Seymour Duncan pedals.

  2. BulletWe are also dealers for Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, Lindy Fralin, Fishman and Aguiler pickups/preamps.

  3. BulletWe also repair Tube amplifiers and are dealers for AER, Luis Electric and Fishman amplifiers. 

  4. BulletPlus we have vintage and new guitars for sale.